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Tłumaczenia specjalistyczne, indywidualne kursy językowe - angielski, niderlandzki, holenderski Wrocław » Język angielski: ćwiczenia gramatyczne - przyimki czasu i miejsca (prepositions 1)

Prepositions (part 1)

Fill in the blanks using the following prepositions: by, in, at, on, to, into or X when no preposition is needed.

  1. Why do you always want to meet …... night?
  2. Sue is a waitress and she usually works …. the evenings.
  3. Shall we meet …. Sunday evening?
  4. The electricity bill has to be paid …. tomorrow.
  5. I promise to be ….. home …. time for dinner.
  6. What did you do …. last summer?
  7. I usually get lots of presents ….. Christmas.
  8. I've just sent the letter. You should receive it ….. Friday.
  9. I'm afraid you can't speak to the chairman ….. the moment. He's speaking …. the phone with someone.
  10. I sent my application letter two days ago and the closing date is tomorrow. I hope it arrives …. time.
  11. They arrived ….. Friday …. 10 pm.
  12. This yoghurt has to be used ….. 30 October.
  13. The film wasn't boring but I fell asleep …. the end of it, anyway.
  14. My parents are going …. holiday …. France …. the end of the month.
  15. She's brilliant! Did you know that she learnt Chinese …. 8 months?!
  16. Do you know where your brother is? He should be here ….. now.
  17. I never work …. Friday mornings.
  18. Can you see the stars …. the sky?
  19. His wife is giving birth …. 2 months' time.
  20. You can't talk and eat …. the same time!
  21. Most films at the cinema don't begin …. time.
  22. …... the time we got to the party, most of the guests had already left.
  23. Hurry up! Our plane takes off …. 15 minutes!
  24. Are you staying in town or going away …. the weekend?
  25. Museums are usually closed …. Mondays.
  26. I'm seeing the dentist ….. next week.
  27. At first the owner of the company wanted to fire half of staff but …... the end he changed his mind.

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